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Iowa Voter FREAKS After Finding Out That 2020 Dem Buttigieg is Gay

He's a white carbon copy of Obama Only his husband doesn't wear dresses

3:23 / 8:03 #N3 Iowa Voter FREAKS After Finding Out That 2020 Dem Buttigieg is Gay 61,791 views•Feb 7, 2020 6.4K 61 Share Save The Next News Network 1.31M subscribers Subscribed Tap this link to leave your mark on history: Next News Needs you NOW! SUB TO BACKUP CHANNEL HERE: Sub to main Youtube Channel here: Get on our Email list! Tommy Christopher from MediaITE reports, Nikki van den Heever, a caucus precinct captain for former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, tried to talk down an Iowa woman who was incensed to find out — in real-time during a caucus after she’d signed a card supporting him — that the candidate is openly gay. 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Pinned by The Next News Network The Next News Network 2 days ago Because YouTube changed their algorithm, hit this link to subscribe to our YouTube channel, then tap the bell to turn on notifications for more reports like this! 23 Reply View 4 replies Greta Tagliavia 2 days ago If I was that woman I would simply say, I don’t need a debate, just give me my card back, period! 306 Reply View 6 replies BigBabyJ1083 2 days ago I loved the women's response. "I teach my son that love is love, right." I would have turned around and said, So you're saying you are okay with a pedophile trying to sleep with your son? Cause love is love, right? 110 Reply View 9 replies 08srt8charger 2 days ago He's a white carbon copy of Obama Only his husband doesn't wear dresses 95 Reply View 9 replies Ronin579 1 day ago Demonstrates how clueless people are. That’s why they still believe all of the negative descriptors the left and the MSM have attached to President Trump. 36 Reply Art Lady 2 days ago (edited) She’s a demon o crap talking bible ? So abortion is fine gay isn’t ? Hummmm I think she’s confused ��‍♀️ the fact she is claiming to be a bible reading Christian and voting dem is confusing to me ! 20 Reply Suzie Q 2 days ago Caucus voters should be more knowledgeable about candidates than this. 277 Reply View 13 replies Tommy Rocket 2 days ago Lets get this straight, homosexual Pete actually married another man! so if he ever became the US President his "husband" would become the first "Gentlemen" ... this has to be a joke right? 49 Reply View 4 replies NAVRET 2 days ago “I never heard it.” She is obviously one of the 7 people still watching DNCNN or MSNBS. 17 Reply Julie Pippin 2 days ago That lady is voting Democrat and says she's a Christian and quotes the bible about same sex marriage but thinks it's ok to kill God's most precious gifts babies. What a hypocrite. 47 Reply View 11 replies Kristie Mitchell 1 day ago Just give her the card. Who is this girl to lecture someone on how she feels. 38 Reply View reply Donald Rogers 2 days ago Hey lady open your eyes, they kill babies, their DEMONS and she isn’t a Christian, that’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. 450 Reply View 44 replies Moist-Mike 2 days ago (edited) If BootyJuice gets elected, we can call his hubby "First Sodomite". 37 Reply View 4 replies Ryan Scott 2 days ago The Left has Literally become a Dying Party, they have Couples that can't reproduce & others that do, can just Abort it. 56 Reply View 4 replies Bob Riedel 1 day ago "Pillow Biter Pete" has a snowball's chance of being elected. The country is not ready now or in the foreseeable future to have a sissy-boy as Commander in Chief. Not gonna happen. 8 Reply Craig Curphey 1 day ago The Bible says that “love” is keeping God’s commandments. 4 Reply aliagirl 9 2 days ago When God says homosexuality is an abomination, how else can that be interpreted? Geez, give the woman her card back. 180 Reply View 5 replies Rebecca Brown 2 days ago (edited) Typical democrat. This woman has had her head buried in the sand and doesn’t have a clue what is going on. Another brainless democrat woman with that invisible ring in her nose to be led around with. 4 Reply Petr Ivanoff 2 days ago (edited) Give her card back! PERIOD. STOP STEALING VOICES THIS WAY OR ANOTHER! 23 Reply Mike Haggar 2 days ago That fact that he's a rainbow person is the only reason they're allowing him to run. 19 Reply View 3 replies HamsterLuv7777 2 days ago If that woman is a democrat maybe she should research the democrats more. They all stand for anti Bible principles. 7 Reply Florida registeredagent 2 days ago (edited) His homosexuality is not common knowledge. In fact, no one heard of him before he started to run. Trump will win 2Q2Q 351 Reply View 23 replies Panda Bears 2 days ago That is video proof of "influencing an election", she changed her mind and now she is being told hold to think. Appalling. 20 Reply Jack Brown 1 day ago Why is any Christian voting democrat they are the party of child murder. Reply Paula King 2 days ago This is sick everyone needs to pray for a revival all over this world. 13 Reply Over the edge 2 days ago It’s amazing that some people didn’t realize that he’s gay . 7 Reply View 2 replies Liverpool FC YNWA 2 days ago He’s a disgrace to human life and he’ll wTes him 3 Reply Lannie Harper 2 days ago (edited) I would like to shake this womans hand, Bible says all homosexuals are going to Hell. " P E R I O D " True GOD says love everyone not make love to everyone !!!! 1 Reply al farago 1 day ago (edited) I'm from Canada and I knew the little dweeb was gay what's wrong with these voters down there (maga 2020) 17 Reply View reply today's freedom's 2 days ago The point is that he had a sick mind. They use to lock people like him. 1 Reply lino falco 2 days ago Unbelievable to hear a Democrat claiming to be Christian, it's such a farse and making a mockery of God and His gospel. These people are sick and evil! 139 Reply View 7 replies Janelle Stuckey 1 day ago If he is so proud of being gay . Maybe he should have a picture posted somewhere of him and his "husband". 2 Reply abockrath 1 day ago I just don’t see Buttigieg winning southern primaries if people know that he’s homosexual. Reply President Trump 2020 2 days ago God dislikes queers, and we don’t want a first husband in the white house 2 Reply proggerjohn 1 day ago What Should Have Happened: "Okay ma'am, here is your card back." "Thanks. And here, I'll vote for that Sanders guy instead." "Okay, you do know he is a Socialist right?" "What? Gimme my card back!" Read more 5 Reply View 2 replies Samuel Mele 2 days ago Absolutely hate it when they say "love is love". Um. No its not. That's exactly what a pedo would say. 66 Reply View reply David Wilson 2 days ago You can't pick and choose what parts of God's Word you choose to believe. Either it is true or we have all been fooled . 9 Reply Mary Grech 2 days ago His husband her wife what a joke every one told her God is live but no one told her God is All So just and she is certainly not a christian 3 Reply Nunya Biness 1 day ago Seriously? Like, every other sentence he says is about sucking d—-. Yes it matters. If he can’t judge which sex to bang, he doesn’t know many basic things. Duh Reply Richard Anderson 1 day ago Notice his partner isnt around him, he must be ashamed, nobody cares anyways, alot of people didnt know because dems try to supress it Reply Phillip Capshaw 2 days ago (edited) We already had a gay couple in the White House. Barry and Michael. 741 Reply View 164 replies Electra Glide 2 days ago Showing and praising a bible thumping "ignorant" is not going to give you a thumbs up from me Gary! I don't like booda-jedge but come on now! 1 Reply CW 1 day ago (edited) Give the wonan her vote back. She doesn't want to vote for two gays. Quit trying to get her to change her mind. Reply Gayle Davis 1 day ago This is how this creep,fooled so.bend as a mayor, he waited till he got elected in,and almost a year later he announced that he was gay, I would not trust thing 1 Reply Kevin Marken 2 days ago The woman didn’t freak out she has an opinion she discussed her opinion and she should’ve got her card back. I believe it also says something about love the enemy doesn’t mean you have to except his Ways Reply Terry Singleton 2 days ago The woman is absolutely correct if she’s a Christian and she goes by the Bible the Bible says a woman and a man is to be Mary not man and man you know God didn’t create a woman to marry another woman and the same for a man so let’s tell the truth about it give the woman back her card 389 Reply View 47 replies summer wind 1 day ago I don't see mayor Pete showing up on stage with his partner the way the other married candidates do. So it is not common knowledge. Another scam on the Christian Americans! Vote them out! Democrat's are fraudulent in all they do! They cannot be trusted to be in control of our Country. They are out to destroy our conservative values and Christian faith! Read more 2 Reply TheLeftyrighty 2 days ago I pray for my Democrat friends and relatives, they are on the wrong side of God. 2 Reply Albert Slick 1 day ago GAY AS THE MONTH OF MAY. WE DON'T WANT A "FIRST DUDE" IN THE WHITE HOUSE. 1 Reply James Rush 2 days ago I bet she voted for Obama and didn’t know that his wife Michele Is A MAN TOO!!! All political correctness aside of course �� What a sick world we live in. Reply Jenni 2 days ago I think the precinct lady shouldn’t be arguing with the voter and just give her card back! That’s why you do your homework before voting! 265 Reply View 5 replies Dragon Masters 2 days ago I think the woman didn't know, or ask, because she just went with the "I've always voted this way.". It's a good wake up call to research who your candidates are. She could have thought he was the best of the bunch. What are her choices? Crazy Joe, Crazy Indian Warren, Communist Bernie. I bet she starts checking from now on. But she's also right. As a Christian, I wouldn't vote for him either. God said it's wrong. It's wrong. Period. You can love him, pray for him, but you don't have to condone his choices or vote for him. Show less 2 Reply Tiger Huey 2 days ago "You have a total right to your opinion" as long as you're on the left of course. Imagine someone on the right or middle saying that. 3 Reply Charles Smith 1 day ago Take your card back lady and LEAVE THE DEMOCRAP PARTY FOR GOOD! 5 Reply KRJ 8116 1 day ago She has to do her research on the candidates 4 Reply View reply jazzgirl232 2 days ago One day, when this fraud of a world is exposed - people will turn on homosexuality. The Bible doesn’t need to be interpreted: it’s clear as a bell! 49 Reply M C 1 day ago The woman wanted to get her card back - say yes or no - she didn't ask to be talked out of it. Again, someone acting on the side of the government not listening to the voting public. Reply AlienTenno 1 day ago Big Problem here is , if you don't Believe in Religion , then this is just a load of Crap , Everyone to there own i Guess !? 1 Reply Elliot J 2 days ago "Wait, Pete lays down with men? Why didn't you tell me? I want my vote back!!" 6 Reply Camilo Sesto 1 day ago Yes, he is a human being, a homosexual human being. The lady is also a THINKING human being.. Reply Darcie Tymofichuk 2 days ago There should be no question if she wants her card back. It’s her right. It’s not up to the management. 112 Reply Spirit Of Light 2 days ago She wants her vote back while it in the recipients hand, recipient says no! Says we could ask, but diden't ask. Did voter get her vote back??? Reply Cool Breeze 1 day ago I find it both ironic and hilarious that his last name has the word BUTT in it!�� 5 Reply View reply Alan Gould 2 days ago That son needs to run away quick before that tolerant mum of his turns him into a daughter������ ���������������� 1 Reply Judy Gwen 2 days ago (edited) One has HEARD what God wrote through hearsay, the other has actually READ it. The Elder has actually read it. 2 Reply G C 2 days ago She was going to vote for Pete without knowing who he is. Blind democrat. 42 Reply Sapsaol Ortega 1 day ago That woman is not a Christian. The voter is Right! God created MAN and a WOMAN, ADAM AND EVE NOT ADAM AND PETE 1 Reply David Beattie 2 days ago She should have just reached over and took the card she signed back and ripped it up because it was A paper full of Lies. 1 Reply Perry Bailey 1 day ago So proud of himself, that he has to hide his preference in Iowa knowing that Iowa is conservative. Typical leftists, they never are up front about what's under the label. Reply Billy Watford 1 day ago Yes there is something wrong with him being a q teaching our children that it's ok to be a abomination to our GOD. Reply Khalifallah Saint-Cyr 2 days ago My question for her " Why would she vote for any Democrats to begin with ������?" 194 Reply View 10 replies wombatt360 2 days ago No lady, I'm sorry to say it, but some "love" is perversion. 1 Reply Julie Conkle 1 day ago We already had a first dude in the white house, he just wore women's clothes and pretended to be a woman. Tsk. Reply wendala gibson 2 days ago What gets me they didn't give the card back to the lady. They to check on information. Give the DAM card back to the Lady idiots. 4 Reply Conservative Hamster 2 days ago leftist "christians" say the bible also condones zoophiles and pedophiles. love is love, god loves everyone. 3 Reply View reply Becky Dobbs 2 days ago If she's a Dem, she already has voted for gay people, she has to know that. 212 Reply View 14 replies Laural_19:1 2 days ago (edited) She couldn’t have researched Pete much...and we’ve already had someone in the WH like that. (Barry & Mike) Reply strfltcmnd. 2 days ago No Matter. He'll never be President, so who the hell cares. Reply Ruben Benavidez 2 days ago i didn't know,if he is proud of being gay, lead with that. you know he would lose votes!!!! Reply Repsychler 808 1 day ago Some people just like it up the ol’ yinyang, disgusting as it seems. I thought bunger holes were for eliminating waste, but what do I know? Reply Susie Wilkins 2 days ago The DEMS are foul.people Nancy yoo.should be a shame of your self 77 Reply Pamela Haling 2 days ago She is one of those that have always been democrat and doesn’t understand what that means in today’s day and age. Reply James Mccarthy 2 days ago Pete buttieg saying hes a man .no way. 1 Reply SUN GIRL 1 day ago WHAT would we call the 1st Lady, ummmm I mean the 1st man when introduced to the world, cheez what the heck??? And the Middle east hates same sex anything they would consider us weak...just saying 2 Reply Michael Merrow 1 day ago Yea can you imagine having a gay president especially a socialist left wing one like Peter lol Reply R Ryan 1 day ago And he plays the woman. Gets his fudge packed. Reply GmaDee Miller 2 days ago The precinct captain sounds like a crooked car salesman 2 Reply Laura s 1 day ago Christians who knows the Bible know that homosexual love is not right Reply Just Me 2 days ago Someone should ask her IF SHE loves TRUMP after all her babbling about that the Bible was written for those days!! Reply Mike Wakeup 2 days ago It’s scary that she didn’t know this. And uneducated people like her are voting. 242 Reply View 28 replies Morehouse1976 1 day ago A candidate is gay and the president lusts after his own daughter jeez gotta love it lol Reply Ana Marcotte 1 day ago So if he becomes president of USA what happens to his partner ,is he going to be first man instead of First Lady???,LOL Reply woody ahh 1 day ago No gay person will ever be a president of the United States They won't make it past the first step to the White House Reply Dan Dufort 1 day ago they should ask to Islamics people if they are for the gay wedding.. Reply KlassiclyRevampT 2 days ago Shows just how asleep these dem supporters really are, and how they think they can just drive our nation off a cliff. 107 Reply American Patriot 1 day ago He's just like Mitt Romney, he's a closet Democrat!������ Reply nykka3 1 day ago The little boy looked so confused. 1 Reply Prrrfect Minouchat 1 day ago It was her responsibility to keep up with news.If she's that adamant,give it back to her.She respects the Lord 's law and lives by it. 3 Reply Danny NRNY 1 day ago I hope he doesn't win the presidency. Could you imagine having as FLOTUS - instead of Melania - Chasten Glezman??????????????? Reply The Viking 2 days ago It’s because most voters don’t do their homework 147 Reply View 6 replies J Michael Martin 2 days ago (edited) Many long-time Democrats don't realize that their party has OFFICIALLY changed its "planks" in its "platform" (official terms for what they actually stand for and the agenda they are pushing) and completely left them behind. The Democratic Party had moved to the radical left, so far, that they make the former "radical" members of their party (like Rosanne Barre) look almost conservative... And they've done it under the radar so as to not lose votes like that misinformed lady in the video... There's a LOT of ignorant voters out there who don't know what they are voting for because they are lazy, don't pay attention, and won't do the required due diligence! Show less